Abrasive brush

Abrasive brush

Abrasive brush
TD SPC "Gefest" produces serially brushes made of polymer abrasive-filled thread with silicon. Brushes with abrasive-filled thread are an abrasive grain connected with the help of polymeric material.
The achieving of the perfect working effect has become possible thanks to the sharp and hard edges of abrasive grain, flexible working surface and also high reliability of brushes.
The above – mentioned properties help brushes made of abrasive polymer to smooth and remove burrs from various surfaces and edges doing if exactly according to outline of the product.

  • Outside diameter D = 150 mm;
  • Fitting hole d = 22 mm;
  • Number of turns a minute n = 8500;
  • Number of products in a package N = 20.


  • Uniform grinding effect;
  • High elasticity and flexibility;
  • Lack of greasy material with wastes;
  • Suitable for dry and wet operations;
  • Week acid and alkali resistant high operating service lie at optimum operating conditions.


Aircraft construction: burring, removal of carbon from engine and engine led, removal of oxide and sedimentation from the plane surface.
Automobile construction: burring, grinding of prime colour.
Electronics: burring and fine grinding of plates and printed circuits.
Metal – processing: burring of edges and burring after stamping.
Synthetic materials: for giving roughness.
Tools productions: removal of corrosion and cutting traces, chamfering.
Machine – building: parts polishing